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The Canal City Model United Nations conference aims to enable Chinese teenagers to tell Chinese stories and Grand Canal culture stories in international discourse,expands thier the international vision, and enhances their global competitiveness.inorder to give outstanding elementary and secondary school students in the Yangtze River Delta area and canal cities the opportunity to exchange ideas and fully display their ability; to provide a platform of communication and opportunity for Chinese young people who want to tell the China Story and who are determined to engage in diplomacy!



MUN Camp


Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations General Assembly and other multilateral institutions, and is a civic education activity organized for young people. In the activity, young students act as diplomatic representatives of different countries or other political entities, and participate in conferences held around international issues.


After the first Canal Cities Model United Nations Conference was held successfully on the platform of the 2021 Yangzhou International Horticultural Exposition, it has received strong support from many canal cities in China. In order to introduce international platforms for the students continuously, and improve their overal development, The CCMUN committee established the MUN clubs for schools and communities.

MUN Camp

The MUN Academic Camp aims to select outstanding participants for the Canal Cities MUN Conference. Through high-intensity academic training, students will get familiar with the operation of the United Nations and improve their speech and debate skills. Through the final selection, outstanding student representatives are selected in the Yangtze River Delta and cities along the canal to communicate with each other and fully demonstrate their abilities. Students who sign up to participate in the CCMUN Conference, expect for those who have already undergone selection training, are required to participate in the professional academic camp. Schools or institutions will form a team to participate in the selection camp, and finally select outstanding students to be the delegates of CCMUN. Students who do not pass the selection will form a volunteer team, an observation group and a media group to participate in the CCMUN Conference and receive volunteer certificates and completion certificates.

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The 2021 Yangzhou International Horticultural Expo and the first Canal Cities Model United Nations (CCMUN 2021), is sponsored by the Working Committee of the partnership for UN Sustainable Development Goals Action 35553, relying on the platform of 2021 Yangzhou International Horticultural Expo, with the strong support of Yizheng Municipal Government and the World Historic and Cultural Canal Cities Cooperation Organization (WCCO), and is organized by the Window of Philadelphia and DENO International Education Consultant.

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